The Moon Hat

#1 Best Science Gift of 2018 & 2019 (Apparel) by Forbes Magazine 

Reviewed by Space and Physics Writer Ethan Seigel.

Girl wearing the Moon Hat in the Moon finder style with the New Moon image at the front.

What is the Moon Hat?

A curiously compelling astronomy object teaches motions of the Moon.

Crisp and bright embroidered moon phases wrap this black fleece cap.  Each image is placed to create a precise 360˚ model of the Moon’s orbit around the Earth. It’s beautiful and functional – a clever melding of art and science.

The Moon Hat is “no ordinary hat.”

It is scientifically designed to decode the Moon and its motions. When you put on the Moon Hat you are wearing knowledge about the Moon. Plus, it’s gorgeous! And warm.

Put the hat on with the New Moon phase to the front and face the Sun. Now all of the Moon phase images on the Moon Hat point to where the Moon is in the sky during its 29.5 day orbit.

It’s a gentle reminder to #doscienceeveryday.

Should I Buy The Moon Hat?

Here’s a quick video of the inventor of the Moon Hat (Daniel Cummings) describing how the Moon Hat works – it’s No Ordinary Hat.

“The Moon Hat inspires me to think about where the Moon is every day…

Then that makes me imagine how something that big can be orbiting the Earth…

And how big the Earth must be…

Then that makes me feel tiny – in a good way.”

Daniel Cummings – Inventor of the Moon Hat

Where can I get a Moon Hat?

You can buy the Moon Hat in two places online – with FREE shipping!

Buy the Moon Hat from the world’s largest marketplace: Amazon

Buy the Moon Hat directly from the inventor Daniel Cummings: Star In A Star

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